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Women in today’s society are consumed by their significant others, kids, work and day to day activities. Often we lose ourselves while trying to make sure other people are happy, productive and equipped to handle their lives. "Essence of You" will enable women to effectively manage their lives through spirituality, health, relationships, and finances. We will provide information, products and services through our website that is tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing lives of women. "Essence of You" will become a destination for all women, offering the experience of self-awareness to unlock their potential.

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Relationships are like roller coaster rides whether it’s with your significant other, kids, friends, family members or yourself.


“Money makes the world go around” is a phrase that haunts us every day.


Good health is vital for living a happy productive life. It includes exercising regularly, eating healthy, obtaining proper rest and reducing daily stress.


When I think of spirituality, I think of inner peace, religion, hope, and faith.

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Refuse to Be a Callous Woman

I refuse to be a callous woman.

Happy Father’s Day


Fathers come short, round, slim & tall.

Dark haired, light haired sometimes bald.

Fathers can be ruff or soft as cotton,

A father’s love is never forgotten.

A father should demonstrate to his […]

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